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Settembre 20, 2022 Fire DoorsFire Safety

We can help you manage, monitor, and track fire door information.

We understand that managing fire doors can be difficult, but at C365Cloud we can help you in numerous ways. C365Cloud can store any fire door-related information in one central location, providing a golden thread of information.

C365Cloud can store information including:

  • the material of the fire door
  • fire ratings
  • inspection results
  • and the exact location of the door

Our solution boasts an interactive floor plan module, which highlights the exact location of where each fire door is located and its inspection history.

If your organisation does not have in-house employees to conduct onsite fire door inspections and therefore uses sub-contractors to carry out inspections C365Cloud can help.

C365Cloud allows an organisation to manage sub-contractors through the system. If organisations utilise sub-contractors to carry out fire door inspections the system allows the sub-contractors to:

  • View and manage any inspections assigned to them
  • Upload completed reports
  • Closeout actions assigned to them

The above also applies to any house team within an organisation. C365Cloud can also help your organisation with fire door inspections by providing:

A mobile form solution

C365Cloud can offer a mobile form that focuses on fire door safety. This reduces the errors associated with paper-based forms, such as them easily being mislaid and hard to understand due to poor handwriting. Our form can be fully adaptable to an organisation’s needs and requirements.

View current levels of compliance

No matter what the size or complexity of your estate, C365Cloud can provide detailed bespoke tailored-to-you dashboards. These dashboards provide live accurate information about the current level of compliance within your organisation and can be accessed based on the individual role and responsibility.

Fire Safety

As well as help you with your fire door requirements, we can help with other areas of fire safety such as:

  • Smoke Detector Testing
  • Fire Safety Records
  • Emergency Light Flick Test
  • Person-centred Risk Assessments
  • Fire Risk Assessments

How Can We Help?

To read more about our fire safety solution you can click here.

If you want to learn more about how we can help you, get in touch with our experienced team on 01924 669940. Alternatively, you can send us an email at where you can also request a demo of the system in action.

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