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Marston’s Inns and Taverns

When reviewing the success of the implementation of C365Cloud, it was absolutely clear that there have been many benefits, not only to Marston's, but also to their service providers and customers, enhancing user experience for all Marston's stakeholders. The system has improved our compliance measured through reporting, and the results of this deployment have been tangible with quantifiable reductions in cost, administration, and risk. This, coupled with modern technologies provided by C365Cloud, offers a genuine revolution in the management of large, complex commercial estates.

- Group Facilities Manager, Marston's Inns & Taverns

The Challenges

Operating 1,700 pubs across Britain, Marston’s is one of the UK’s biggest pub companies and currently the country’s largest builder of new pubs. The compliance responsibilities for each area of the businesses vary enormously across each division making the management of this area both complex and confusing. There are also considerable legal, reputational, and financial implications if an error is made. The complexity of the task soon became apparent, with over 20,000 annual inspections/surveys, over 1,800 individual and pub users requiring access. It was also a necessity that a central repository was provided with tailored access for 20 distinct areas of PPM, H&S and Compliance.

The Solution

In order to resolve the identified requirements, Marston’s selected to partner with C365Cloud. Given the volume of touch points associated with PPM and Compliance Management on large estates such as Marston’s scalability and ease of use are primary concerns.

  • Completed assessments and certificates are automatically catalogued with actions and alerts being circulated automatically via email based upon risk and requirement.
  • The Pub Manager Module reduces the management costs whilst disseminating customer experience. Marston’s are able to have a single sign on using their own portal to access site specific compliance information available to view and down. Tenants can quickly identify when new inspections are due with no requirement for paperwork.
  • The consolidated aggregate dashboards ensure Marston’s are able to quickly identify outstanding risks, actions and activities. These can be quickly exported and bundled into work packages facilitating economies of scale. The system allows Marston’s to have full visibility of compliance by region, company, and property group.
  • The C365Cloud unique PDF Extractor which automatically extracts actions from numerous statutory reports and classifies them as High, Medium, and Low without the need re-key any information. This results in significant savings for both Marston’s and their shareholders.
  • Unlimited internal users and external third-party suppliers allowing them a personalised view based on relevant property groups and role as well as “view only” dissemination of key information to all sub-contractors, such as Asbestos reports.

The Benefits

When reviewing the success of this implementation it was absolutely clear that there have been many benefits, not only to Marston’s, but also to their service providers and customers. The system has reduced Marston’s operation costs, less phone calls, less emails, and less duplications, which has also reduced the environmental impact, allowing them to become more paperless. C365Cloud also managed to streamline Marston’s supply chain, meaning reductions in supply chain costs, with no duplicate inspections and related works.



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