Once C365Cloud was introduced it helped Anchor to evidence our progress to London Fire Brigade and other local fire services, so much so that Anchor were awarded the UK Primary Enforcing Partnership Award for 2016.

The C365Cloud system has helped my team to conduct Fire Risk Assessments in all of our properties and then track the outstanding actions and recommendations through to completion. Anchor have developed a number of mobile apps which allow us to input directly to the C365Cloud system, cutting down on report writing and administration time, and so using this system actually improves my team’s productivity. Should I have any problems, requests, or questions about the system, the C365 team are great at meeting my needs and requirements and respond extremely quickly. Since using the system I have not experienced any down time with the system, and it is always there when I need it.

I can recommend the C365Cloud system as it is a flexible, high quality system. Anchor also use C365Cloud for tracking compliance in areas such as audit, legionella, gas, and lift inspections. This is done by the H&S team conducting audits on site and inputting data directly on to the system. This process allows Anchor to track compliance and check its.

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- National Health, Safety and Fire Manager, Anchor Trust

The Challenges

Anchor Trust manages Health & Safety across approximately 1000 care homes and supported living schemes across the country. Anchor Trust required a system that would enable the company to improve its performance under the existing primary enforcing partnership between Anchor and London Fire Brigade.

Other potential service providers suggested their systems could be developed to build the required functionality into their systems in the future. Anchor wanted a system that could do what was needed from the start of the project and C365Cloud met this requirement, with a solution that had been developed, tested, and proven within the housing environment over a number of years.

The Solutions

Initially introduced to ensure all recommendations and actions from third party Fire Risk Assessment reports were captured and disseminated to the teams responsible for completion, the service was quickly configured to allow the upload of FRAs as PDF documents on completion of site work by the contractor. Workflows and responsibility matrices were configured to enable automatic notification of outstanding actions to the relevant H&S team and individual scheme managers, with further escalation workflows configured to ensure time-bound tasks were completed on time. Automated reports dispatched directly from the system allowed the heads of H&S and Property to view progress on the programmes and completion of categorised actions (HML & RAG), drilling down to individual team members’ time-stamped actives.

In tandem with the ongoing care home FRA programme, C365Cloud worked with the H&S Team to develop and test a bespoke FRA that could be completed using the C365 Mobile App. The App allowed Anchor Trust to specify their requirements for data capture and subsequently how the system would use this data to produce a branded PDF output, held as evidence within the system, produced directly from the mobile form. Anchor Trust now use the app to produce a fit-for-purpose Fire Risk Assessment which ensures the particular requirements for fire safety in supported living environments are met.

The Benefits

Anchor Trust now have much greater control over their Fire Safety programmes and increased confidence in the timely completion of primary and secondary actions identified within their Fire Risk Assessments. The actions taken by Anchor with C365Cloud’s and LFB’s support demonstrate how fire risk assessments, fire safety audits and staff training can be undertaken by landlords and care home organisations to reduce compliance costs and improve resident safety in the event of a fire.

In light of their recent 2016 Primary Authority Partnership Award with LFB, Anchor are keen to share with other care home and supporting living providers the benefits of using the C365Cloud system and the FRA processes they have developed in partnership with us over the past twelve months.

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