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A Single Solution – Revolutionise your compliance processes.

The monitoring and management of statutory compliance can meet difficulty with ever changing legislations and the need to comply with a number of compliance areas over multiple premises. However, using a modular-based single solution where its design is to proactively support any organisation with a ‘one system for all’ of compliance areas and its consistent further development, it can transform those obsolete processes.

Investing in an IT cloud-based single solution to manage your compliance puts your organisation at an advantage. Removing the stigma around the software being too difficult to use, C365Cloud streamlines your processes. This improves your data efficiently and with ease. Not only having the obvious advantages of:

Reducing administration time.

Importantly reducing a company’s carbon foot-print.

Reducing human error.

Our software ensures flexibility and responsiveness to the changing needs and the methodology by which compliance is achieved.

Manage more than just The Big 6

We all know it is imperative to be in accordance with statutory compliance regulations. At C365Cloud we know the importance of managing more than just The Big 6 compliance modules. With recent updated Fire Safety Regulations following Grenfell, essential reports like the Building Safety Case can be automatically generated in our system and updated accordingly as the recorded compliance is updated.

Our other non-statutory modules that we offer can enhance your business’ health and safety compliance checks. For example; in correspondence to the Building Safety Case, Fire AOV, fire alarms, and smoke alarms can be programmed to undergo tests to your specific time frame i.e. weekly, which will be logged by our RAG (red, amber, green) coded system.  It puts you ahead – allowing for consistent inspections, completely reducing your compliance risk levels.


For a company or business worried about how the solution would work with your current systems in place, C365Cloud allows for complete integration to existing systems which plenty of our current customers utilise. Organisations interested in the integration within the software will ensure compatible data for your properties asset lists and will warrant one version of the truth. The option of integration can also ensure a property is properly managed from inception to disposal, creating the golden thread of compliance information.

Managing to conclusion

Keeping control of certificates, surveys, and inspections in accordance with who has performed them, can involve a vast amount of paperwork. These are automatically extracted within C365Cloud, and the system will highlight the relevant actions and outcomes. A full audit trail within the system also allows you to easily pinpoint who carried out particular certificates, surveys and inspections at the specific time and date, allowing for smooth administration record and processes.

At C365Cloud we boast a single solution as we allow for unlimited users not cost per license to provide access across your full organisation. With that said, the fully supported service will only grant access to its authorised users with individual accounts, so only the specific areas that your users will be responsible for. By differentiating the access levels down to the individual user or by team it will distinguish each person’s responsibilities to improve compliance management.

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The solution offers over 250 compliance modules and these can be incorporated into a singular, central location. If your business wants to combine and improve your compliance management, request a demonstration of how the solution works here and speak directly with our team.

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